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Heinz Is Letting Customers Vote on the Release of a Mayonnaise-Ketchup Combo: Mayochup

Heinz is wondering whether the world has room for one more condiment. And this one will come with an awfully interesting name—and combination.

The company took to its Twitter account on Wednesday to post a poll on whether it should release “Mayochup,” a new condiment that combines its ketchup and mayonnaise in a single bottle. Heinz (KHC) said in a tweet that it would only release Mayochup to stores if it attracts 500,000 “yes” votes in the Twitter poll. At that point, Mayochup, which could probably use a new name, would come to store shelves near you.

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At first blush, Mayochup sounds about as unsatisfying as its name. But the ketchup-mayonnaise combination is actually a popular one. It’s believed that the McDonald’s “special sauce” the company puts on Big Macs is made with mayonnaise and ketchup, among other ingredients. And a simple search on Google reveals a slew of recipes for a “Mayo Ketchup” sauce.

In fact, as Idaho Statesman reported on Wednesday, the combination has been around for decades. It’s generally known as Fry Sauce. Salad lovers might also tell you that Russian Dressing includes both mayonnaise and ketchup.

As popular as the combination might be, there are signs that Mayochup might be in trouble. As of this writing, the Heinz poll has attracted more than 385,000 votes and only 55% of those have delivered a “yes.” The poll closes in three days, though, so there’s still time for Fry Sauce lovers everywhere to unite and send Heinz’s oddly named condiment to your local supermarket.