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Oscars or Razzies: Who Made More at the Box Office

Hollywood is nursing its collective hangover this morning now that the 2018 Academy Awards are over. While an Oscar is the highest honor an actor can take home, studios are ultimately much more interested in box office receipts. And when voting with their wallets, audiences prefer Razzie-nominated films as much as Oscar-nominated ones.

The Razzies is Hollywood’s other just-concluded big awards ceremony. Instead of celebrating the best the industry has to offer, they focus on the worst, with this year’s highlights including The Emoji Movie as Worst Picture and a humble acceptance speech from Dwayne Johnson for Baywatch.

The films might be shlock, but that didn’t make them less popular with movie goers. In fact, the five Razzie Worst Picture nominees made a collective $469 million at the box office, according to Box Office Mojo.

The nine Best Picture nominees from the Academy took in $694 million (again, only at the box office).

Dunkirk and Get Out made the most of the Best Picture contenders, making a collective $364 million. Best Picture winner The Shape of Water only brought in $57.4 million. Baywatch, for reference, made $58 million, while The Emoji Movie took in $86 million.

In fact, only three Best Picture nominees made more than the worst performing Razzie nom (The Post joins Dunkirk and Get Out in that list).

Worst Picture Nominees

The Emoji Movie – $86,089,513
Transformers: The Last Knight – $130,168,683
Fifty Shades Darker – $114,581,250
The Mummy – $80,227,895
Baywatch – $58,060,186

TOTAL – $469,127,527

Best Picture Nominees

Call Me by Your Name – $17,045,988
Darkest Hour – 55,421,217
Dunkirk – $188,373,161
Get Out – $176,040,665
Lady Bird – $48,285,330
Phantom Thread– $20,127,164
The Post – $80,369,969
The Shape of Water – $57,393,976
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – $52,000,189

TOTAL – $694,057,659

The Oscars might be one of the biggest events on television and something any movie fan loves to watch, but at the end of the day, mindless cinematic entertainment isn’t going anywhere soon.