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How Netflix Is Preparing for Disney’s Rival Streaming Service

Netflix is taking steps to become even more family-friendly.

The streaming service announced a number of updates on Monday, including PIN protection and more prominent content ratings for more “informed viewing.”

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The move comes after Disney announced last summer that it was cutting ties with Netflix in order to break into streaming itself, providing predominantly family-focused content.

Netflix has been criticized for not offering robust-enough parental controls on its service—especially after the release of its show 13 Reasons Why, which featured issues like suicide. Netflix already includes trigger warnings on some of its shows and launched a kids interface on the site in 2011, but now it is further expanding the services offered to help parents have more control over the content their children watch.

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Users will be able to set PIN controls, which will require a code to watch content at a certain maturity level, as well as individual movies and series that parents don’t want their children to access. Netflix will also include the content rating of films and series in the top-left corner of the title screen, along with why the content received that rating—such as for language, violence, or sexual content.

The updates are due to roll out sometime this year.