Snow in the UK: Photos of the ‘Beast from the East’

February 27, 2018, 4:13 PM UTC

The United Kingdom is seeing snowfall sweeping in from Siberia in a winter storm coined the “beast from the east.” Many commuters woke up Tuesday morning facing train delays, school cancellations, and plane disruptions due to weather. Four people died in car crashes Tuesday morning, three in Lincolnshire and one in Cambridgeshire. Amid the snowstorm, British Airways has cancelled dozens of flights from Heathrow Airport in London.

Forecasters have predicted approximately 4 inches of snow in most parts of the UK, while some parts may see up to 16 inches. It’s estimated that the country will see temperatures drop to 5 degrees Fahrenheit by midweek. This brutal cold is thought to be the most severe cold weather Britain has faced in five years, with hovering freezing temperatures and a bitterly cold eastern wind making it feel even colder.

Other cities across Europe have been shivering from the Arctic blast as well. Even Rome was covered in snow yesterday, an unusual occurrence. The frigid cold is expected to peak across Europe on Thursday.

View the gallery above for photos of the “beast from the east” across the UK.