Michelob Ultra Adds New Beer Offering With Organic Ingredients

February 26, 2018, 3:26 PM UTC
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One of the more popular light beers on the market is adding an organic twist to things. Michelob Ultra has announced Michelob Ultra Pure Gold, a beer made with organic grains and without artificial colors and flavorings.

The beer, made by Budweiser owner Anheuser-Busch, is aimed at millennials and other beer drinkers who are more discerning about the ingredients in their food, but still want a low calorie, low carb beer. Despite the use of organic grains, it is not classified as an organic product by the Food and Drug Administration.

Like its popular cousin, a bottle of Ultra Pure Gold will have just 85 calories and 2.5 carbs.

Michelob Ultra Pure Gold
Michelob Ultra Pure Gold, made with organic grains

“We’re proud to be a brand for consumers who balance their healthy, active lifestyles while also being able to enjoy beer. We know organic ingredients are important, and with Michelob Ultra Pure Gold we’re able to provide a new beer with a unique golden look and taste,” said Azania Andrews, vice president of Michelob Ultra.

Michelob Ultra has seen a surge in popularity in the past few years. Between 2014 and 2017, the brand saw sales increases of 27%. This comes as light beers continue to impact sales of Budweiser, which has slipped to the fourth most popular beer in the country.

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