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50 Cent Forgot About Those Bitcoin He Got in 2014 and Now They’re Worth $8 Million

Have you ever accidentally become a millionaire and not realized?

No? Well, apparently that is exactly what happened to rapper 50 Cent.

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In 2014, 50 Cent made the then-unheard of decision to let people buy his album Animal Ambition with bitcoin. At the time, the cryptocurrency was worth about $662, so fans were able to buy his album with just a fraction of a bitcoin. Despite this, Animal Ambition pulled in about 700 bitcoin in sales, worth approximately $400,000.

After that, the rapper seemingly forgot about the whole thing…until recently. Apparently, 50 Cent has rediscovered the unused account, finding that at the current rate of about $11,000, he is sitting on nearly $8 million.

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As “Fiddy” himself pointed out on Instagram, “not bad for a kid from the South Side.” The rapper goes on to say the he is “so proud of me.” We would be too.