Lincoln Is Bringing Back Matthew McConaughey. But He Won’t Be Speaking This Time

December 28, 2017, 2:59 PM UTC

Coming to a small screen near you: Matthew McConaughey back in the driving seat for Lincoln.

Michigan-based Lincoln Motor Company is set to release two advertisements featuring the Oscar-winning actor in early 2018. They will be the latest in a series of Lincoln commercials McConaughey has acted in since 2014.

The first spot was shot by Wally Pfister, the Oscar-winning cinematographer known for his work on films like The Dark Knight and Inception. Unlike previous ads that featured monologues from McConaughey (which were later roundly mocked by Saturday Night Live), the first spot, titled “Perfect Rhythm,” contains no speaking at all. Instead, McConaughey “conducts” an orchestra of his surroundings from behind the wheel of a mostly stationary Lincoln Navigator.

The spot will see its television debut at the 2018 Rose Bowl on Jan. 1 after premiering on YouTube and Twitter in December. The second commercial is scheduled to be released later in the month.

In addition to his roles in recent Lincoln commercials, McConaughey has served as the “creative director” for the bourbon brand Wild Turkey since August 2016. His $4 million contract makes him the highest-paid creative director in advertising.