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Why a German Banker Spent 6 Months Counting Pennies

Future Of The Penny In DoubtFuture Of The Penny In Doubt
A pile of pennies.Photo by Tim Boyle—Getty Images

One German truck driver spent decades collecting pennies, a hobby that ended in him amassing 5,500 pounds of pennies before he passed away.

Collected over 30 years, the man had packed the roughly 1.2 million coins into freezer bags, DW reports. The coins were in one and two-penny dominations, the smallest units of Deutschmark that were available before Germany transitioned to the euro in 2002.

While typically residents can mail in currency to exchange, in the case of the man’s family the coins were so plentiful they need to be delivered by van to the bank.

Given their age, many of the coins were rusted together, which meant they also had to be hand counted rather than counted with a machine, a task one banker agreed to take on.

It took him 6 months to finish counting, but he completed the whole collection of coins this week. The final count? €8,000 ($9,400).