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Beyoncé Didn’t Like This New York Brewery’s Tribute Beer

One New York Brewery attempted to pay tribute to Beyoncé with a aptly named brew ‘Bïeryoncé,’ but was shut down by the music superstar, reports Today.

The pilsner was made by Lineup Brewing because its owner, Katarina Martinez is a huge fan of Queen B. The beer was originally launched as a limited release in November but was so popular the brewery decided to do a November release as well.

The beer was originally made for an Oktoberfest event that made Martinez miss a Beyoncé concert. Art on the beer’s can was even reminiscent of the singers 2013 album.

While the beer was exceptionally popular with the drinking public, Beyoncé’s lawyers weren’t stoked about the idea. They sent a cease and desist letter to the brewery Monday.

Lineup is taking the request in stride.

“Ask and Bey shall receive,” reads an Instagram post. “Moving forward, our German Pilsner will be called “Kätariná” paying homage to our badass female brewer and owner. We’re still huge @beyonce fans”