Two Planes Nearly Collide in Near-Miss at JFK Airport

December 6, 2017, 2:19 PM UTC
A Delta Air Lines plane taxis toward a gate between other Delta planes at John F. Kennedy International Airport.
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Disaster nearly struck New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport Tuesday after an airliner mistakenly tried to land on the same runway where another packed plane was attempting to take off.

Delta Airlines Flight 4231 to Reagan National Airport was preparing for takeoff and rolling down Runway 13 when pilots spotted Mexican Volaris Flight 880 attempting to land in the same place. The Volaris plane was meant to land on Runway 13 Left.

Air traffic controllers quickly sprang into action in order to prevent an impending collision.

“Brickyard 4231 (the callsign for the Delta flight) cancel take off plans,” an air traffic controller said over the radio, according to NBC. “Brickyard cancel take off plans.”

The Delta flight crew received the message and promptly halted the Embraer 170’s takeoff, instead taxiing off the runway while air traffic controllers issued orders to the Volaris flight, an Airbus A320 that was arriving from Mexico City.

“You’re lined up on the wrong runway,” another air traffic controller told the Mexican flight. “Volaris 880 go around, turn left heading 100.”

The plane managed to go around and land safely on the correct runway. No injuries were reported.

Volaris released a statement Tuesday addressing the incident.

“The safety of our passengers and crew is our highest priority, and in accordance with our procedures Volaris will conduct an investigation to determine the factors that led to this event,” the statement read.