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Two Strangers Caught in Sex Act on a Delta Flight Could Face Felony Charges

LaGuardia Airport, New York CityLaGuardia Airport, New York City
Perhaps it was an attempt to stop ears popping?Robert Alexander Getty Images

Two strangers were caught in a sex act on a Delta Air Lines flight and could face felony charges, according to authorities.

The 48-year-old woman and 28-year-old man didn’t know one another prior to boarding the flight from Los Angeles to Detroit, but made fast work of skipping niceties and shooting for membership of what’s known as the ‘Mile High Club’. Police told WDIV-Local 4 in Detroit that the woman was arrested on the airplane for performing oral sex on the man while they were in their seats. The woman’s final destination was Nashville, and the man’s Miami.

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“The act within itself is very inappropriate in a public space,” said a passenger on the flight to WDIV-Local 4.

“There are children,” she added. “There are families. There are seniors. These things should be respected.”

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“If people will go so far as to disrespect themselves and disrespect you, something should be done,” another traveler said.

FBI officials informed WDIV-Local 4 that the incident was still undergoing investigation. The man and woman could face charges of a misdemeanor or felony, and both were issued citations. The charges could come through as early as Tuesday, said FBI officials.