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CBS Stations Blacked Out for Dish Customers in Carriage Dispute

November 21, 2017

CBS Corp. Offices Ahead Of Earnings FiguresCBS Corp. Offices Ahead Of Earnings Figures
Michael Nagle—Bloomberg/Getty ImagesBloomberg Bloomberg via Getty Images

CBS Corp’s TV stations were blacked out for Dish Network Corp’s customers over a network carriage deal dispute, the companies said early Tuesday.

Dish said in a statement that CBS rejected its offer to extend their contract while negotiations continued.

“This particular dispute is yet another example of the company punishing its subscribers instead of negotiating a fair carriage deal that reflects the current marketplace,” CBS said in a separate statement.

CBS and 28 other CBS-owned local television stations were blacked out across 26 states.

The Smithsonian Channel, Pop, and CBS Sports Network would also be unavailable on Dish networks in cities including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, CBS said.