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Butterball Is Selling its First Organic Turkeys Right in Time for Thanksgiving

America’s iconic turkey brand is going organic.

Butterball announced that for the first time it will be offering organic whole turkeys, as well as an organic version of the ground meat.

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The company explained that its decision to go organic stemmed from consumer demand. The organic food industry has been growing rapidly, with approximately $47 billion in sales in 2016, up 8.4% from last year, according to the Organic Trade Association.

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Despite growing demand for organic products, however, Butterball doesn’t plan to heavily market its new organic birds. Butterball COO Jay Jandrain told USA Today that the company is “not particularly promoting the items,” as it wants to avoid a “situation where we’re overselling what we produce.”

Butterball currently sells a range of whole turkeys, roasts, ground turkey, lunchmeat, and other packaged varieties. Last year, the company introduced a “Farm to Family” option, which are antibiotic-free.