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Amazon Private-Label Diapers Return, But You Need an Invitation to Buy Them

Amazon (AMZN) discontinued its private-label diapers several years ago when early customer feedback prompted the company to pull the product after just two months on the e-commerce site. After rumors of their return, Amazon has brought them back, this time under its new baby products line Mama Bear.

The private-label diapers, once sold under the Amazon Element line, are now available on However, customers hoping to buy the brand need an invitation first. The product is available by invitation only, Amazon says on the order site. Customers can request an invitation. If invited, they will receive an email in the coming weeks.

The diapers are made by Kimberly Clark, CNET reported.

One order of the Mama Bear size 3 diapers, which is four packs of 40 diapers, costs $39.49. That comes to about 0.25 cents a diaper for that size, putting it within a few cents of the Pampers and Huggies brands. Seventh Generation’s diapers cost slightly more at about 0.29 cents per nappy.

The return of the diapers is part of Amazon’s larger effort to beef up its private-label brands, which include its vitamins and supplements brand Amazon Elements and the home products label Amazon Basics. The company has seen some sales success with its private-label brands.

Selling its own brands helps Amazon boost profit margins and gives the company more control over shipping. Other companies, namely Walmart, are launching private-label brands to compete.

Walmart said in September that its site will launch a higher-end private brand of grocery and household items such a coffee, olive oil, laundry detergent, paper towels, and other items in the coming months.