Bottoms Up! Paris Opens a Nudist Restaurant

November 6, 2017, 4:06 PM UTC
Woman giving man an apple
Woman giving man an apple
Image Source/Getty Images

If you’re a messy eater, you might want to avoid ordering the soup at one of Paris’s newest restaurants.

The City of Lights has opened O’Naturel, a nudist eatery where the customers are certain to lose their shirt—and their pants—though they certainly don’t have to worry about wine stains.

Patrons enter the restaurant’s cloak room and shimmy down to their birthday suits before entering the restaurant. To shoo away potential voyeurs, all of the windows are covered with a white curtain. But everyone in the restaurant can see everyone else. There are no private tables.

Diners at Paris Restaurant O'Naturel Sit Naked While Eating

The food is standard French fare—foie gras, fish, and more—and the intimate establishment only seats 40. Waiters and cooks keep their clothes on for hygienic reasons and, presumably, the real danger of grease burns.

Americans, who have a few more hangups about nudity, might think it’s odd, but O’Naturel is reportedly being booked at a rapid clip. The establishment comes on the heels of a similar restaurant in London called Bunyadi, which opened last year.