The Internet Is Debating Whether Strawberry Belongs on a Pizza

November 2, 2017, 7:23 PM UTC

Whether or not pineapple is an appropriate pizza topping was one of the most divisive pizza topping arguments of our time… until now.

Sunday @MoonEmoji tweeted a picture of a pizza with strawberries on top of it with a simple caption that stirred an internet debate: “strawberries >> pineapples”

As SeattlePi reports, reviews of the strawberry-topped pizza were mixed. One pizza enthusiast named “Crispy Crust” remarked that he wanted to taste it and asked if it was good, to which MoonEmoji responded “YESSSS,” and several others remarked at how the creation might be comparable to a strawberry cheesecake or a cheese plate with fruit on it.

Others were less excited about the creation with several comments about how disgusting the combo sounded and a few threatening to unfollow MoonEmoji based on the suggestion.

And then there were a few who made their own unique suggestions that might just spark our next big pizza debate: