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You Can Now Ask Amazon Alexa to Check You Into Your United Airlines Flight Inc. Launches Its Echo Home Assistant In The Inc. Launches Its Echo Home Assistant In The U.K.

Amazon Alexa users can now use their Echo devices to check into flights, get the latest itinerary updates, and even verify if the aircraft has certain amenities like power outlets.

But, as it seems to be the case with any major carrier, there are a few catches first. First, you need to be flying United Airlines. Second, the feature is only available for domestic flights in the United States first. The airliner didn’t say when the feature would debut for international flights.

“Introducing the new skill to check in and receive flight information with Alexa is an innovation that gives our customers extra time to prep for a business meeting, play with their children or relax as they get ready for their upcoming flight,” said United Airlines vice president of digital products and analytics Praveen Sharma in a statement.

The ability comes from a new feature (or skill, in Amazon parlance) that United (UAL) built specifically for Amazon’s voice-activated digital assistant. Some of Amazon’s (AMZN) most popular devices that support Alexa come from the Echo family of Internet-connected speakers, like the flagship Echo, the smaller Echo Dot, and the Echo Show, which has a built-in touchscreen.

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Before passengers can ask Alexa to check them into their flights, they will need to connect their United Airlines frequent fliers accounts to Alexa.