All the Things You Could Do in the Time It Would Take to Catch Up on ‘Game of Thrones’

August 4, 2017, 2:51 PM UTC

Game of Thrones casts a long shadow. But despite what Twitter would have you believe, not everyone watches. For those of us outside the loop, polite small talk is often a disorienting minefield, littered with references to dragons, winter, and something called a Hodor.

To make sense of the madness, it can be tempting to jump on the bandwagon. Until you consider the time commitment: watching Game of Thrones from the first episode to the most recent would require 58.42 hours (around 2.4 days) of straight screen time.

If you still feel your resolve slipping, here’s a partial list of stuff you could do instead.

Fly from New York to San Francisco and back five times

Watch Titanic 17 times

Bake 114 batches of chocolate muffins

Walk from Seattle to Vancouver, Canada

Read the entire Twilight series + Don Quixote

Get half way towards becoming card counting pro

Knit a bunch of scarves

Work your way through eighteen 11-course meals at Eleven Madison Park

Hike up and down Mount Fuji five times