A Woman Who Wore a Miniskirt in a Video Was Just Arrested by Saudi Police

July 18, 2017, 7:30 PM UTC

A woman wearing a miniskirt and crop top in a video posted online was arrested by Saudi police on Tuesday.

The woman, who has been identified online just as Khulood, violated Saudi Arabia’s strict dress code for women when she wore a miniskirt and crop top, revealing both her legs and midriff, the New York Times reports. In Saudi Arabia, women are required to wear an abaya — a black garment that covers everything but the face, feet and hands.

The video was first uploaded to Snapchat, the Times reports, but was eventually shared by people who both supported and opposed her decision to defy Saudi law — leading to an official investigation into the matter.

Police in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia turned Khulood over public prosecutor’s office, according to the Times, citing a tweet in Arabic from Saudi Arabia’s state-run television. A hashtag that accompanies the tweet reads: “We demand a trial for the model Khulood.”

The video shows the woman walking through the ruins of an ancient fort in Ushaiager, which is a town in the conservative province of Najd. According to the Times, she was visiting the ruins with a male relative and was unaware the video had been posted online.

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