Delta to Ann Coulter: Here’s Your $30. Go Away.

July 17, 2017, 2:36 PM UTC

Delta Air Lines has had just about enough of Ann Coulter’s complaints.

The carrier says it has refunded the $30 the conservative commentator paid for a preferred seat—and, in a follow-up tweet, laid into her for comments about its passengers and employees.

Coulter went on a social media rant Sunday after she was moved from a seat with extra legroom to a different location on the plane. Dubbing the carrier “the worst airline in America,” she later posted pictures of the woman who was seated in her former location and called the fellow passenger “dachshund-legged.”

She didn’t hold back with the employees, either.

Not surprisingly, Delta’s reply to her tweetstorm hasn’t assuaged Coulter. She tweeted this morning that “SJWs” (social justice warriors) run the company’s customer relations department and likened the carrier’s reply to fascism. She also retweeted a fan’s theory that Delta’s stock was down this morning because of her beef with the airline. (Shares were down one-half of one percent as of 10:15 am ET.)

Coulter might not be happy with Delta, but the airline’s reply earned it lots of online adulation from others.

Since this whole affair has gone viral, we have a feeling this might not be the last word on the matter.