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You Can Buy a Piece of Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal During Liquidation Sale

Decor from the Taj Mahal Casino Resort, which was once owned by Donald Trump, is being auctioned off on Thursday.

National Content Liquidators, an asset liquidation service, will start the sale on Thursday and will continue the auction until all the items are gone. Chandeliers, sofas, coffee tables, televisions, beds, and even grand piano are among the offerings up for auction, according to the National Content Liquidators.

According to the Hill, the casino, which is located in Atlantic City, is shutting down and a Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is slated to take its place. Hard Rock plans to completely renovate the property and is also doing away with the Indian-inspired theme.

Trump opened up the $1 billion casino in 1990 before it filed for bankruptcy the next year, and Billionaire Carl Icahn purchased it, but shut it down after a labor dispute, according to the Hill.

Icahn sold the property to Hard Rock in March for about $50 million.

Trump once referred to the casino as “the eighth wonder of the world.”

The building no longer features Trump’s name.