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China Releases Activists Who Investigated Factory That Made Ivanka Trump Shoes

Three activists detained after investigating labor conditions at a Chinese factory that made Ivanka Trump shoes were released on Wednesday.

The activists, who were working with the New York-based advocacy group China Labor Watch, were released on bail after being detained for 30 days, the Associated Press reported. They had been investigating Huajian Group factories—which produced shoes for Ivanka Trump and other brands—for alleged low wages, excessive overtime, verbal abuse, and possible mistreatment of student workers.

The arrest of the three activists prompted calls for the Ivanka Trump brand to stop working with the factory company. Huajian Group, which denied the allegations about its labor conditions, said its factories had stopped making Ivanka Trump shoes months ago.

“I will speak to everyone in a few days’ time after we organize. I’m happy to be out. I just want to spend some time with my family,” activist Hua Haifeng told the AP as he left the police station Wednesday. “I appreciate the media following my case the last month but I’m not ready to speak yet.”