Disneyland Shanghai Tops 11 Million Visitors in First Year, Says CEO Bob Iger

June 16, 2017, 12:39 PM UTC

Above even the highest of expectations, Disneyland Shanghai managed to attract over 11 million visitors in its first year, said Disney (DIS) CEO Bob Iger.

Those figures, reported by CNBC, would make Disneyland Shanghai more popular than Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which attracted 10.8 million visitors in 2016 according to AECOM and The Entertainment Association.

The new park is also attracting roughly 50% of its visitors from outside of Shanghai, according to Iger.

As for whether or not the company has plans to open up a second location in mainland China, Iger noted there was a certain “inevitability to that.”

“We’re pleased that we’re off to such a great start but we’ve got more to do here first before we really talk about or think about doing more elsewhere in China but I think over time there’s an inevitability to that,” Iger said, according to CNBC.