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Fortune 500 CEOs on Trump, the Economy, and Artificial Intelligence

The chief executives of Fortune 500 companies are optimistic about the global economy, bullish on employment, big on prospects for the U.S., and braced for a torrent of technological change. The responses below come from a survey we sent to Fortune 500 CEOs last month.

Fortune 500 CEOs are optimistic about the future…

Only a few chief executives see the global economy turning worse next year. More than one-third anticipate that it will improve, and over half are expecting things to be about the same. The good news for workers? A strong majority of CEOs say they expect to boost hiring over the next couple of years. As for the Trump effect: not much so far.

Nicolas Rapp

…And most see the U.S. as the best place to invest.

The U.S. is the overwhelming choice of CEOs for having the best investment opportunities in the next two years; China and Europe lag far behind.

Nicolas Rapp

They’re embracing tech…

Ever more Fortune 500 companies have come to recognize that whatever their original business, they all need technological expertise now.

Nicolas Rapp

…And identifying crucial areas for investment.

Nicolas Rapp

Here’s what has them worried.

Percentages below represent the portion of CEOs who said the issue was either their single biggest challenge, or one of their top three or four challenges.

Nicolas Rapp

A version of this article appears in the June 15, 2017 issue of Fortune with the headline “CEO Soothsayers.”