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Here’s Amazon’s Newest Fire Tablet

Amazon has unveiled a new version of its Fire 7 tablet, and lowered the price on its Fire HD 8 device.

The e-commerce giant said Wednesday that it had made the Fire 7 thinner and lighter. Additionally, the tablets, which retail at $49.99, will have longer battery life, a better display, and improved Wi-Fi connectivity. Amazon also lowered the price of its Fire HD 8 to $79.99 from $89.99. Now, Amazon is also offering kids’ edition of the Fire HD 8, which will retail at $129.99.

Buy All-New Fire 7 $79.99, previous version of Fire 7 $49.99

“Our approach is to offer premium products at non-premium prices,” Kevin Keith, general manager of Fire Tablets, said in a statement.

Buy All-New Fire HD 8 $79.99, Fire HD 8 Kids Edition $129.99

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