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Apple AirPods Owners Are Really Happy With the Tiny Earbuds

Apple’s AirPods have set a new record that not even the iPhone can match.

A whopping 98% of AirPods owners are either “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with Apple’s wireless earbuds, researchers Creative Strategies and Experian reported on Monday. The researchers, which surveyed 942 AirPods owners, said that 82% of owners reported being “very satisfied” with their AirPods. No respondents said that they were “very dissatisfied” with the AirPods.

At a 98% satisfaction rate, Apple’s AirPods set a new record for Apple (AAPL) customer satisfaction, according to the researchers. Apple’s iPhone nabbed a 92% customer satisfaction level when it was released in 2007. Apple Watch came close to matching the AirPods with a 97% satisfaction rate around its launch in 2015.

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Apple unveiled its AirPods at its iPhone press event in September. The company at the time said that it would release the wireless earbuds in October for $159. However, Apple was forced to delay the AirPods due to rumored manufacturing problems and wasn’t able to release the earbuds until the end of the year.

When they launched, the AirPods proved exceedingly popular and difficult to find on store shelves. Even now, months since the earbuds hit store shelves, most Apple Stores around the world are sold out. Those who order the diminutive earbuds on Apple’s website today won’t get them for at least six weeks.

In their most recent study, Creative Strategies and Experian found that AirPods customers are overwhelmingly recommending the earbuds to others, suggesting demand might continue to be strong over the coming months.

But that was just the start of the good news for Apple. Here’s a look at some other insights from the Creative Strategies and Experian study on just how enthralled AirPods owners are with the earbuds:

  • 95% of AirPods owners are satisfied with their comfort and 93% say the AirPods don’t easily fall out.
  • 89% of AirPods owners say the AirPods “consistently pair” with their iPhones as soon as they insert the earbuds into their ears.
  • 82% of respondents said that the AirPods are their favorite Apple product to have hit store shelves in “recent memory.”

In a statement, Creative Strategies principal analyst Ben Bajarin thinks the data speaks for itself: Apple has a major hit on its hands.

“Apple has accomplished a rare feat we have not seen in many years of studying owners of brand new technology products,” Bajarin said in a statement.

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