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Richard Branson Wants a Brexit Do-Over

richard branson cnbc brexit second voterichard branson cnbc brexit second vote
Billionaire Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group Ltd., sits ahead of a Bloomberg Television interview in Sydney, Australia, on Thursday, May 26, 2016. (Brendon Thorne/Bloomberg via Getty Images)Bloomberg Bloomberg via Getty Images

Virgin Group founder and billionaire Richard Branson thinks the U.K. should hold a second Brexit vote.

“If a hard Brexit happens it would be pretty devastating and it would be the biggest sort of shot in the foot that the British people have ever done to themselves,” Branson told CNBC on Thursday morning. “[I] hope that sense will prevail and that when all the facts are known and are on the table, I would hope that a second referendum could take place based on real facts.”

The business magnate made his comments ahead of Theresa May giving the EU formal notice and triggering Brexit on March 29.

“I just pray and hope that when all the facts are there … Then the British people can have the decision to decide because it was a complete false premise that a referendum was brought on in the first place,” Branson told CNBC.

A number of British members of Parliament are pushing for a second vote, according to CNBC — though it’s unlikely these efforts will succeed.