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Check Out Grindr’s New ‘Gaymoji’ with a Sky Full of Raining Men

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The "Grindr" app logo on a mobile phone screen on Nov. 24, 2016 in London, England. Leon Neal—Getty Images

Gay dating app Grindr has rolled out its own trademarked collection of emoji that will allow users to express their moods, body type and sexual preferences.

Launched this week, the 500 new images, called ‘Gaymoji,’ include everything from handcuffs, rainbow unicorns and raining men, to a variety of eggplants for every imaginable occasion, the New York Times reports.

“Almost 20% of all Grindr messages” use emoji already, Grindr’s creative director Landis Smithers told the NYT. Since the app was launched in 2009, users have developed a form of visual shorthand using existing symbols such vegetables and fruit to communicate with potential hookups.

According to the company’s founder, Joel Simkhai, however, these “were limited and not evolving fast enough for us.”

For more about emoji, watch Fortune’s video:

The first 100 Gaymoji are available for free on iTunes and Google Play, and the full range will cost $3.99.