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Donald Trump’s Son Is Trolling Rachel Maddow on Social Media

President Donald Trump and his son Donald Jr. pose for pictures as they officially open his new multi-million pound Trump International Golf Links course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, on July 10, 2012.Photograph by Andy Buchanan—FP/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. is using social media to poke fun at Rachel Maddow.

On Tuesday, the MSNBC host teased that she would be releasing President Trump’s tax returns, before clarifying that the document she was referring to was the commander-in-chief’s 1040 form from 2005.

Before Maddow could release the news, however, the White House put out its own statement, revealing that the president paid $38 million in federal taxes in 2005, a year when the former New York real estate developer brought in just under $153 million in income. According to Fortune‘s Stephen Gandel, that puts Trump at a tax rate of just 25% in a year when the top rate he would have qualified for was 35%.

While the president may have paid fewer taxes than he qualified for, some Trump supporters are seeing the news in a positive light. His son, Donald Jr., even went so far as to thank Maddow for “proving” that his father is a successful, law-abiding citizen who pays taxes.

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The younger Trump didn’t stop there, continuing to troll Maddow on his Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Trump made tongue-in-cheek comments about the left-leaning television anchor being a closeted conservative, but also issued a more serious attack on media in general, calling the industry “biased” and full of “seemingly anti-American hatred.”