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You Could Soon Make Phone Calls on Amazon’s New Alexa Device Inc. Launches Its Echo Home Assistant In The Inc. Launches Its Echo Home Assistant In The U.K.
Amazon Echo.Bloomberg via Getty Images

Amazon will introduce at least one more Alexa-powered device this year that will allow users to initiate phone calls with their voice, according to Recode.

The device(s) can also serve as an intercom system between people on the opposite end of another Alexa-capable device, Recode reports. The new product was in beta testing as of last month, according to Recode, which said sourced told the outlet an announcement should arrive in the “coming months.”

Details on how the new gadget(s) will work remain unclear, particularly with the phone call mechanism. People may be able to sync their own phone number and contacts with the device, or they might have to use a special Alexa-specific number.

The Amazon Echo, which also utilizes the voice-controlled assistant, has been a commercial success despite competition from Apple and Google. The development of the phone and intercom technology could signal Amazon’s desire to embed Alexa into more daily activities at home outside of common uses like music streaming and weather updates, according to Recode.