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Celebrities Get These Products for Being Oscar-Nominated

87th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage And Audience87th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage And Audience
Oscar statuettesPhotograph by Christopher Polk—Getty Images

Being nominated for an Academy Award is quite an honor. Not only can those included append “Oscar-nominated” or “Oscar-winner” to their titles, but in many cases, they also receive a bag of mostly swanky gifts. For the past 15 years, Distinctive Assets has given a goody bag to those nominated in the high-profile categories of best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, and best director. It’s the appropriately named “Everyone Wins” bag that also goes out to the host (Jimmy Kimmel this year). The items range from luxurious trips to everyday home items to food products. We’ve combed through this year’s picks and chosen what we think to be the most noteworthy items.

5-night stay at the Koloa Landing Resort in Hawaii

Inside the Koloa Landing ResortCourtesy of Distinctive Assets
Courtesy of Distinctive Assets

This tropical hotel features a spa, multiple pools (including an adult-only one), Jacuzzis, and fire pits.

3-night stay at the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Italy

The exterior of the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria hotel.Courtesy of Distinctive Assets
Courtesy of Distinctive Assets

This luxurious hotel overlooks the Gulf of Naples. One of its two restaurants is poolside, and there is, of course, a spa. It also boasts a sleek white marble swimming pool.

3-night stay at Grand Hotel Tremezzo also in Italy

An exterior view of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.(c)GIANGIACOMO_FERIOZZI-

The lakeside locale has the best of both worlds: water and mountain views. Ruy and his water limo are available to explore part of the view: Lake Como. And for even more nature, the Villa Carlotta gardens are nearby. The hotel itself includes three swimming pools and five restaurants and bars.

Dandi Patch

Boxes of Dandi Patch.Courtesy of Distinctive Assets
Courtesy of Distinctive Assets

We found this one to be quite unexpected. It’s a Band-Aid-lookalike product that you stick to your underarms to absorb moisture and odor, ultimately preventing sweat from seeping through your shirt. According to their site, you can wear the patch for up to eight hours.

Opal Apples

We wouldn’t normally be too excited over apples, but these non-GMO ones don’t turn brown after cutting. Oscar nominees will receive a case of these for almost a full year.

Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer

Different color options of the Haze Dual V3 vaporizer.Courtesy of Distinctive Assets
Courtesy of Distinctive Assets

This cigarette alternative can be used with “dried herbs, wax, liquids, and oils.” It comes with a 10-year warranty and users can choose either a convection or conduction heating method.

Curlee Girlee

This children’s book focuses on a little girl’s plight to accept her curly-haired appearance, instead of trying to look like those around her.

SweetCheeks Cellulite Massage Mats

Simply sitting on this textured mat will help improve circulation to support collagen and elastin, according to the product’s site. Your natural movements while sitting should help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Watch Ya’ Mouth Game

Watch Ya' Mouth party game.
Watch Ya’ Mouth party game.Courtesy of Distinctive Assets
Courtesy of Distinctive Assets

This party game involves guessing what players are saying while they’re wearing mouthguards.


This is a kegel exercise tracker. The product works with an app that suggests pelvic exercises, tracks progress, and presents challenges to be completed.

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