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Samsonite Might Bring Production Back to the U.S.

Since President Donald Trump’s election, a string of companies including Toyota, Foxconn, and General Motors have touted investments in the U.S.

Now the global CEO of Hong Kong-based luggage maker Samsonite, is considering doing the same.

“Today, with 40% of our sales happening in the U.S., we would not hesitate to look at the possibility of manufacturing in the U.S.,” Ramesh Tainwala told CNBC on Wednesday.

Tainwala said the consideration was not due to Trump’s election or the President’s threats to heavily tax firms that import goods to the U.S. Instead, the executive said the company been conducting market research “well before Trump.”

Samsonite, the world’s biggest luggage maker, was founded in Denver, Colo., in 1910. Samsonite closed its U.S. factory in 2001, CNBC reports.