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Here’s How to Watch the Nintendo Switch Event

Undated handout image shows the Nintendo Switch, a new gaming deviceUndated handout image shows the Nintendo Switch, a new gaming device
The Nintendo Switch.Nintendo/Reuters

Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console presentation will be the first big gaming event of the year, and the company is making it easy to watch.

The gaming giant will host a live event on Thursday, January 12 at 11 p.m. ET to discuss all of the details surrounding its upcoming Nintendo Switch console—including its release date, pricing, and more information on how it works. Although the show will be hosted in Tokyo, Nintendo has created a special webpage on its site where interested users can go and see every last announcement.

Additionally, Nintendo (NTDOY) says that it will stream the event live to its Twitch and YouTube (GOOGL) channels. Anyone who might not have the time to watch the show will be able to go back to those pages and watch the presentation at a later date.

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The Nintendo Switch is the game company’s next home console. Nintendo last year unveiled the device and said that it could be used both at home as a console connected to the television as well as on the road. When gamers want to go mobile, they need only to detach controls from their controller and connect it to a screen that ostensibly comes with the console to play on the go. Nintendo plans to release the Switch in the near future.

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In addition to hardware, Nintendo will also likely showcase new software for its console. The hardware will likely ship alongside several video games made both by Nintendo and third-party developers. In its marketing materials, Nintendo has already showcased several games, including a Super Mario title and a Legend of Zelda game.