Women Can Now Get Razors for the Same Price as Men in the UK

January 4, 2017, 11:06 PM UTC
Customers leave a Tesco supermarket in w
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In an effort to combat gendered pricing, British supermarket chain Tesco has slashed the price of women’s razors to match that of men’s.

Tesco now charges 10 pence (about $0.12) for both men’s and women’s disposable razors thanks to a push from British Labor Party politician Paula Sheriff, the Guardian reports. Previously, the supermarket charged around about £1 ($1.20), which was twice the price of the men’s equivalent.

The move comes after the supermarket reviewed its products to “make sure it was not guilty of gender-differentiated pricing following a parliamentary debate,” which it claimed it was not doing, according to the Guardian. Tesco said it sold men’s razors for less due to the fact men’s razors are produced and sold in significantly higher volumes.


The color of a razor can also affect its cost: Pink razors, which are usually targeted at women, often face a premium, the Guardian reports. This is sometimes referred to as the “the pink tax,” though the price discrimination isn’t limited to just hygiene products. Overall, women pay about 37% more than men for the same things—from toys, to clothing, to beauty products, and more, according to the Guardian.

Despite initial reasoning, Tesco decided to, ahem, make the price cut.

“Following an internal review and discussions with our suppliers, we have acted on concerns about the difference in price of our female and male disposable twin-blade razors, in line with our commitment to ensure consistently low, simple and affordable pricing,” a Tesco representative told the Guardian.

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