This Aptly Named Cafe Wants to Put Your Selfies All Over Their Coffees and Cupcakes

December 15, 2016, 5:30 AM UTC
GUESS Hotel at the Viceroy Palm Springs, CA  - Day 1
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In the age of smartphone selfies and Snapchat filters, there will always be innovations in new ways of self-gazing. And one startup is taking its selfie game to a new level, by printing people’s faces directly onto their coffee and cupcakes.

New York City-based Selffee (because of course) is conducting a crowdfunding campaign to snap up a storefront somewhere in the Big Apple, reports Eater. The startup hopes that, with a permanent location, it can serve customers everything from coffees to cupcakes and cookies, all with their selfie printed on top, if they so like.

The startup writes on its IndieGoGo campaign page that customers can take a photo of themselves using the company’s app (or send them a favorite photo), and Selffee will print the photo directly onto any items ordered. The company stressed that the “edible inks” it uses to print images on food and drinks have been FDA approved.

Selffee said it has already been in business in New York for six months, appearing at corporate events, parties and through pop-up stores. In addition to a long-term storefront, Selffee is aiming to launch a web store in 2017, where customers from across the U.S. can order cookies printed with their own image.

For more on food, watch Fortune’s video:

At the time of writing, Selffee has raised about 50% of its $30,000 crowdfunding goal through IndieGoGo, with over 150 people chipping in.