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Here’s How Twitter Is Making Moments More Personal on Mobile

Twitter's Moments tab.Twitter's Moments tab.
Twitter's Moments tab.Twitter

Twitter only recently opened up its Moments product to users, allowing them to curate tweets around specific events, but it was limited to just the desktop and web. However, starting today, the company is rolling out mobile support so now you’ll be able to do the same thing while on the go.

When you want to create a Moment, first start with a tweet you want to add. There’s going to be a downward arrow in the tweet details and you can add it to a Moment. Do this over and over again until your curation is complete. You can search for tweets you’ve composed, liked, or by keyword. Reorder the tweets as you see fit, select a background for your Moments, and publish.

So what this means now is that if you’re on a trip, out at an event, whether it’s live sports, conference, political rally, etc, hanging with friends, or somewhere that has people tweeting their thoughts, you don’t have to wait until you reach a laptop or computer to assemble a Moment. Now it can be done within the Twitter app. Of course, because it’s just rolling out now, not everyone will have it so you’ll have to be patient.

It was just two months ago when Twitter (TWTR) began offering its self-service version of Moments. Prior to that, human editors were utilized. Now it’s democratized after there appeared to be traction — Twitter began opening up the program to more influencers, brands, and partners and that seemed to give it some legs.

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