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Udacity Creates Another Way For Its Graduates to Earn Cash

Online learning company Udacity tries to ensure that graduates of its technical degree programs like Android engineering get jobs when they complete their studies. The company provides career counseling and has even partnered with companies like Google (GOOG) to match students with jobs.

On Thursday, Udacity added yet another way former students can find work: As technical talent for a new consulting firm within Udacity that outside companies can hire for projects like creating websites and mobile apps.

Udacity Blitz, as the new consultancy is called, enlists graduates for all work it performs on behalf of clients. Those graduates earn the bulk of the fees collected by Udacity, minus a cut of 10% to 20% depending on the project’s scope.

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It’s unclear how much engineers earn per project through Blitz.

Udacity launched its unaccredited degree programs, known as “nanodegrees.” two years ago to train people hoping to land technical jobs, such as software development. It has since added additional degrees related to advanced and emerging technologies like self-driving cars and artificial intelligence.

Nanodegrees, which cost $1,800 to $2,400, are completed online over an average of six to nine months. In the past, Udacity has partnered with companies like Google, IBM (IBM), Tata Motors (TTM) and Mercedes-Benz to create course curriculum.

To hire Blitz, corporate clients first submit details about their needs on the consultancy’s website. Udacity then provides an estimate for the amount of work required, the price to do it, and the workers— the majority of which are are U.S. based. Teams are typically matched by location and time zone, though Udacity says that some teams are engineers are based in Europe.

A number of clients are already using Blitz including Google’s incubator for urban-focused technology, Sidewalk Labs; design agency 99designs; and Optimista, Udacity said.

After their projects are completed, clients have the option of continue working with the Blitz team on new work or hire its members full-time. During test, the average salary of Blitz engineers who ended up receiving full-time jobs from clients ranged from $75,000 to $145,000, according to Udacity.