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The Internet Loves This Ad of a Dog on a Trampoline as a Post-Election Distraction

Meet Buster the BoxerMeet Buster the Boxer
Meet Buster the BoxerScreengrab From John Lewis

A video of a dog gleefully jumping on a trampoline appears to be providing Americans and Britons with a welcome distraction after a grueling U.S. presidential election.

The video—an advertisement for the British department store John Lewis—features “Buster the Boxer” jumping on a trampoline before his new owner can get a chance with the tagline “gifts that everyone will love.”

Viewers said the video gave them a smile after the U.S. presidential election results.

John Lewis’s Christmas ads have become something of a tradition in Britain since they debuted in 2007, and thanks to the Internet, they’ve made their way to viewers around the world.