How to Move to Canada if Donald Trump Wins

November 9, 2016, 6:33 AM UTC

A Donald Trump win of the presidential election is looming, and for many Americans, a one-time joke of moving to Canada has taken a more serious tone.

So much so, the country’s immigration and citizenship website crashed earlier tonight as more people began looking into the possibility. But for those who want to make a run for the border, it may not be so easy: The process is slow and expensive, and in some cases, can take years.

There are three main ways to become a Canadian citizen, Michael Huynh, a Toronto immigration lawyer with the firm Orange LLP, previously told Fortune’s Jeff John Roberts. They include having a “special” skill or profession, joining immediate family members who are in Canada already, or claiming political asylum as a “protected person.”

Family is the easiest way in, according to Huynh, and having a special skill is the second-easiest way. But it depends on what exactly that skill is.

“If someone is a professional, we have categories for them that are easy to meet. Anything from doctor to lawyer to scientist to teacher. If you’re a grocer, it’s harder,” Huynh told Fortune.

And despite how some Americans may feel about a Trump presidency, they can’t legitimately claim the “protected persons” or refugee class, according to Huynh.

But if you’re not willing to endure the immigration process, there is some good news: Typically, Americans can visit for months at a time, even without a special visa.

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