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TripAdvisor Adds Booking for Trips to Cuba

Pastel colored buildings near city center, Havana, CubaPhotograph by Danita Delimont — Getty Images/Gallo Images

TripAdvisor can now allow Americans to book travel-related services in Cuba.

While travelers were already able to book a flight directly through JetBlue, for example, or arrange a short-term rental with Airbnb, TripAdvisor is one of the first companies with an expansive license to help travelers (even those based in the United States) plan their dream trips to Cuba.

“At TripAdvisor,” the brand’s senior director of corporate communications, Brian Hoyt, told Travel + Leisure. “We allow you to facilitate the travel booking in multiple ways.”

Now that TripAdvisor can facilitate American bookings to and within Cuba, travelers have a one-stop shop for air travel, hotel room reservations, vacation rentals, and even cultural attractions.

Stop Saying Americans Are Going to Spoil Cuba

Because U.S. citizens are still prohibited from “straight-up vacationing” in Cuba, as Hoyt puts it, travelers making arrangements through TripAdvisor are required to self-report their reason for visiting Cuba. It remains the responsibility of the U.S. consumer, as has long been the case with Airbnb or charter flights, to honestly declare his or her reasons for visiting.

After indicating which of the 12 entry requirements you fulfill (family visits, journalistic activity, educational activities, and humanitarian projects among others), booking your Cuba travel details will be a familiar process.

“You can book your total [trip] through us,” explained Hoyt, who said Havana remains the most popular destination in Cuba.

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This article originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.