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Donald Trump’s Record Month of Fundraising Is Still Less than Clinton’s

Donald Trump’s fundraising operation, which was in a precarious state just a few months ago, had its best month yet in August with $90 million.

But despite his campaign and joint political committees’ best effort, it was still 40% less than the record-busting $143 million haul Hillary Clinton and her allied committees’ pulled off, according to CNN.

The presidential candidate raised political eyebrows when it announced a fundraising total of just $3.1 million back in May. (This is compared to Clinton’s $23.8 million that month.) And it’s clear Trump, who largely self-financed his primary campaign for the GOP presidential nomination, stepped up his fundraising efforts since then—especially by investing in pricey digital fundraising operations which have allowed the campaign to rake in small contributions from individual donors.


It’s unclear how the $90 million will be split between the campaign, the Republican National Committee (RNC), and state parties. More detailed figures are expected later this month, when the both campaigns must submit detailed Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings.

Clinton’s campaign currently has more than $68 million on hand, while the joint committees have about $84 million total on hand.