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Oops! Amazon Ruins Apple’s iPhone Surprise

Someone at Amazon is probably getting a very angry phone call from Apple right now.

Shortly before Apple’s annual iPhone unveiling event, Amazon (evidently by accident) pulled the the trigger early and published the accessories it will be selling to match the new iPhone. Oops!

Tech news sites have spotted the snafu about 30 minutes before Apple’s keynote, and it seems to confirm all the leaks we’ve seen so far. Based on the product photos for the various cases you can purchase through Amazon (so much selection!), the iPhone 7 will have a single rear camera, while the iPhone 7 Plus will have single and double-camera options.

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The earphone jack seems to have indeed disappeared, as rumored. But don’t worry, Amazon has plenty of wireless earphones for you to purchase if an adapter isn’t your thing.

Amazon has already taken much of the listings down, though you might be able to find some of them if you dig around the site. Otherwise, you’ll just see images of remorseful puppies.



And if that wasn’t enough, Apple tweeted just two minutes before its presentation a link to its website where customers can pre-order the iPhone 7, which will be available for purchase on Sept. 16, though it quickly deleted the tweet.

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The story was updated with information about Apple’s accidental tweet about its new iPhone just before its presentation.