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How 7-Eleven Uses Coffee to Get People Involved With Politics

7-Eleven hosts its fifth quadrennial 7-Election.7-Eleven hosts its fifth quadrennial 7-Election.
7-Eleven hosts its fifth quadrennial 7-Election.Photo courtesy of 7-Eleven

Not looking forward to voting on Nov. 8? Buy a cup of coffee from your local 7-Eleven instead.

The convenience store kicked off its quadrennial 7-Election on Wednesday, wherein customers can show their support for the presidential campaign by buying specially-marked coffee cups. So customers who want to support Republican nominee Donald Trump should buy a red cup and those who want to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton should buy a blue cup.

New this year is a non-partisan purple cup, called the “Speak Up” cup, that encourages customers to “discuss or write in their own issue—or candidate—this election,” 7-Eleven stated in a press release. This could be a “desire for World Peace” or third-party support for candidates Jill Stein or Gary Johnson (though 7-Eleven lumps these votes with the votes for kittens and Kanye West).


Since the 7-Election kicked off in 2000, more than 6 million cups have been cast in each of the past polls, according to the store. Customers can vote as many times as they’d like, too.

7-Eleven will tally up all the votes and update its 7-Election website daily starting Sept. 6. through the election in November.