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This App Makes It Easy to Find New Friends on Pokémon Go

Now Pokemon Go players can catch friends, too.Now Pokemon Go players can catch friends, too.

Interested in hanging out with Pokémon players in the real world? Soon there’ll be an app for that.

Florida native Jeffrey Shafer is the creative mind behind Poké Trainer, a new mobile app designed to help Pokémon Go players find their new best friend—or possibly something more.

Shafer, a marketing and PR entrepreneur based in Fort Myers, Fla., told Street Insider that he first got the idea for a friendship app after he successfully introduced two of his Pokémon-catching friends. Shafer was curious to see if other millennials would like an app like this, so he created a Facebook page with all the details.

After three days, Shafer’s post had more than 1,000 likes. Now he’s working with a local software developer to bring the concept to life.

“Poké Trainer is a friendship app, first and foremost,” Shafer said. “It’s developed so no matter how infrequent or often you play Pokémon Go, there will always be a trainer for your skill level and interest.”


Pokémon Trainer is basically the friend version of PokéDates, a dating site that launched in July. While PokéDates aims to bring singles together, Shafer hopes his app will bring two people together platonically.

Less than two months after its launch in the U.S., Pokémon Go skyrocketed to the top of the most popular mobile games list. On July 8, more than 5% of all Google’s (GOOGL) Android devices had Pokémon Go downloaded, which is more than the amount of phones with Tinder.