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Bombings in Thai Resort Town Kill 1, Injure 30

August 23, 2016

A Thai bomb squad inspects the site of a deadly bombing from the night before, in the southern province of Pattani on Aug. 24, 2016. TUWAEDANIYA MERINGING/AFP/Getty Images

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Twin blasts killed one person and injured 30 more near a hotel at a Thai resort town Tuesday, less than two weeks after a similar string of bombings in the country.

The explosions occurred in Pattani, a popular vacation destination in the country’s south. The first blast occurred in the parking lot by the SouthernHotel, Reuters reports. Police said that the second explosion, in which one Thai person was killed, “came from a truck parked at the hotel entrance, opposite a karaoke bar and a massage parlor.” All of the injured were Thai nationals.

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Like the explosions on Aug. 11, which killed four people, no group or individual claimed responsibility for Tuesday’s attack. Both appeared to target tourist locales. Some experts have ventured that the attacks evoke the tactics of the country’s southern separatist insurgency.