These Companies Are Changing the World—and They’re Hiring

August 19, 2016, 1:00 PM UTC

Who doesn’t want a sense of purpose at work, these days? Survey after survey shows that what employees—and especially millennials—really long for on the job is to make a difference.

Where can you find such a gig? Fortune’s 2nd annual Change the World list features 50 do-gooding companies where such opportunity abounds. Even better news: 24 of those companies said they’re currently hiring, and the 13 that discussed their plans in more detail have a total of 35,123 openings to fill, as of press time. More than half of those openings are at one company, Accenture, which is looking to fill a large number of entry-level roles including consulting analysts and software engineers.

We reached out to HR and talent-acquisition leaders at these world-bettering workplaces to find out exactly what they’re looking for in job candidates. Below, they share some tips on what you can do to get your resume noticed, ace the interview and land your socially impactful dream job. To learn more about what the companies are doing to make the world better, read this year’s Change the World list.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

London 2012 Unveil the Anti-Doping Laboratory For The Olympic Games Analysts Myriam Kabu, left, and Damon Maheux work in a GSK laboratory in Harlow, England.Oli Scarff — Getty Images

Fortune Change the World rank: 1

Number of job openings: 12,000 in 2017, 450 of which are reserved for college graduates hired as part of the company’s Future Leaders program.

Areas where positions are available: The world’s sixth-largest pharmaceutical company has a number of open roles with sales and marketing, scientific positions, and jobs in its manufacturing and supply chain areas.

Secret from a recruiter: “Before the interview process, make sure you really reflect on what you are looking for in your next role. Use the interview as an opportunity to assess whether the opportunity at GSK, and our values, align with what you are looking for.”— Jayne Haines, SVP, Talent, Leadership & Organization Development

Compass Group (CMPGY)

CNG Hiring — Compass Group Courtesy of Compass Group

Fortune Change the World rank: 33

Number of job openings: 1,600 in North America

Title with the most job openings: Executive Chef — 175 current openings.

What they look for: At Compass Group, a multinational food-service, property management and support services company, “Knowledge and skill for a role is always a factor, however we find that talent with an enthusiasm for service and an entrepreneurial spirit does particularly well at Compass Group.”

Secret from a recruiter: “When responding to questions, answer completely giving one to two examples to support your response, yet be succinct. Interviewers are often on a schedule and can lose patience when a candidate rambles. Finally, help the interviewer help you! Come prepared with your story. Be specific and make a clear case for why you are the best candidate for the job.” – Eileen Springer, Talent Acquisition & Development

Munich Re

Munich Re The headquarters of Munich Re in Munich, Germany.Michael Gottschalk — Photothek via Getty Images

Fortune Change the World rank: 13

Number of job openings: The German insurer and reinsurer says it has 400-500 openings annually in the US.

What they look for: “The people who thrive here embrace innovation but still have a healthy appreciation for how to manage risk.”

Secret from a recruiter:First, be curious. Ask questions that show you’re not only prepared but genuinely enthusiastic. Second, be real. Interviews are stressful, but the candidates who stand out are the ones who manage to be themselves and show us why who they are can add something unique to our team.”— Jennifer Ughetta, Regional Head of Human Resources

Novozymes (NVZMY)

I PIU' VERDI DEL MONDO Fabrizio Giraldi

Fortune Change the World rank: 9

Number of jobs openings: 45

Title with the most job openings: The biotechnology company is especially looking for Scientists and Research Associates — currently 13

What they look for: “We seek individuals who thrive on solving problems and making the world around them a better place. Those who want to be solely individual contributors typically will not enjoy the collaborative, team-based culture of our company.”

Secret from a recruiter: “You must also remember you are being “interviewed” from the moment you are initially contacted about the job. The way you interact with everyone, from the hiring manager to the Receptionist, is important.“—Jennifer Dorsett, HR Advisor

LinkedIn (LNKD)

CNG Hiring — Linkedin Courtesy of Linkedin

Fortune Change the World list rank: 35

Number of job openings: 806

Areas with the most openings: Engineering & Sales

Secret from a recruiter: “Any interested candidate should have a LinkedIn profile that tells the story of who you are. We aren’t looking for your profile to be a list of static bullets, we’re looking for an expression of who you are, what you’ve done and what you aspire to do. Treat your profile as a portfolio intended to showcase actual examples of your work. Slide decks, videos of presentations, design work, writing samples, etc., all make it easier for us to see exactly what you have done and help to immediately distinguish you from hundreds of thousands of other candidates.”

“Once you are in the actual interview – I always encourage candidates to get up and make use of the whiteboard to help articulate answers, give examples or visualize your ideas for your interviewer. It is one more opportunity to differentiate yourself and a chance to show us how you think.”— Brendan Brown, VP of President Talent Acquisition

United Technologies

CNG Hiring — United Technologies Courtesy of United Technologies

Fortune Change the World rank: 8

Number of job openings: 1,500+ with Pratt & Whitney

Areas where positions are available: The aerospace and defense company is hiring across its global network in areas such as engineering, advanced manufacturing, engine assembly, field service, program management, quality and supply chain management.

Secret from a recruiter: “To impress us during the interview, bring your unique perspective and innovative ideas to the table. Share examples of how your leadership can help us serve our customers and continue to help us transform the aviation industry.” —Maureen Waterston, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Siemens (SMAWF)

Operations Inside The Siemens Transportation Systems Inc. Manufacturing Facility Ahead Of Industrial Production An employee welds the shell frame of a train car at a Siemens facility in Sacramento, Calif.David Paul Morris — Bloomberg via Getty Images

Fortune Change the World rank: 21

Number of job openings: 1,363 in the U.S.

Areas where most positions are available: Current openings include 550 engineering and service roles, and over 60 research & development roles.

Secret from a recruiter: “The candidate interview is an opportunity to ask the questions about commitment to success. I look for genuine responses that reflect the importance of collaborative contribution coupled with demonstration of an ownership mindset. Siemens constantly innovates and I have to be confident the candidate will contribute to this goal to create something tomorrow that we didn’t believe was possible today…Authentic candidates will let go of the responses they think we want to hear and give the responses that demonstrate who they are.” —Dawn Hughes, Sr. Recruiter, Talent Acquisition

Gap (GPS)

A worker arranges clothes at the GAP clothing retail store in Manhattan, New York A worker arranges clothes at a GAP store in Manhattan.Eduardo Munoz — Reuters

Fortune Change the World rank: 40

Number of job openings: 5,500

Areas where positions are available: Sales associates, inventory management and planning, global supply chain and logistics, merchandising and buying, technology and digital.

Secret from a recruiter: “It’s really an exciting time to be in retail. The transformation of the shopping experience and disruption happening in our industry is radical. We’re looking for individuals who are energized and up for the challenge. People who are curious, collaborative and determined make a great fit here.” – Nick Boyd, Director Talent Acquisition

Schneider Electric (SBGSY)

An employee assembles medium voltage switchgears inside the plant of Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd. on the outskirts of Vadodara in Gujarat An employee assembles switchgears at a Schneider Electric Infrastructure plant in Vadodara, India.Amit Dave — Reuters

Fortune Change the World rank: 24

Number of job openings: Currently 1,000+ at

Titles with the most job openings: Engineers, including sales engineers, electrical, mechanical, energy, industrial, software, safety, manufacturing and project engineers, as well as field service technicians.

What do you look for? ”We seek out and reward people for being straightforward, open, passionate, effective and challenging the status quo. We want our employees to reflect the diversity of the communities in which we operate. We value differences; knowing how that diversity strengthens us, we can better serve our customers.” Kim Bors, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, North America Operations


CNG 2016 — Godrej
Courtesy of Godrej
Courtesy of Godrej

Fortune Change the World rank: 48

Number of job openings: More than 800

Areas where most positions are available: Sales and service functions; manufacturing and sourcing functions.

What they look for: “Hiring managers look out for a strong value fit with the organization, its philosophy and culture.”— Harpreet Kaur, Head of Human Resources

“Leadership ability over and above technical and managerial competence, and consistent performance is what we seek.” —Reena Lakra, Head of Talent Acquisition


Inside IBM's Research Lab Ahead Of Earnings Figures Engineers test new SyNAPSE chips at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose.David Paul Morris — Bloomberg via Getty Images

Fortune Change the World rank: 47

What they look for: “Our best candidates love to work on teams. They are driven by curiosity, an insatiable desire to continuously learn and develop new skills and share that expertise with others.”

Secret from a recruiter: “Know something about IBM’s strategy and ensure it is aligned with your passion. There are tens of thousands of IBMers on LinkedIn – reach out to those in your network before the interview and try to learn about the role to ensure it is aligned with your expectations, skills and talents.”— Carol Gordon, VP Global Talent Acquisition

This article has been altered to reflect information that reached Fortune after publication.