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Hillary Clinton to Release Her 2015 Taxes, Putting Pressure on Trump


Donald Trump has repeatedly resisted calls to release his tax returns. But Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, will be adding more pressure as she reportedly plans to release her 2015 tax return this week.

Clinton has already released her 2007 to 2014 tax returns. According to a CNBC report, Clinton’s 2015 tax return will show that her effective tax rate is around 35%, and her charitable donations make up about 10%. Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, Clinton’s running mate, will release 10 years of tax returns, CNBC said.

Although it’s become customary for presidential candidates to release their returns, Trump, the Republican nominee, has said he won’t do so, saying he is being audited. However, it’s a decision that has prompted criticism — even from members of his own party. (Republican leaders, like Mitt Romney, have called upon him to release his returns.) Trump’s running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, has not released his returns.

According to data collected for Fortune by polling firm Morning Consult, a significant number of voters also would like to see Trump’s tax return, which could show how much Trump has donated to charity and his effective tax rate. Among 1,931 registered voters polled, 45% said that not releasing a tax return made them view Trump “less favorably,” and 37% of likely voters said it made them less likely to vote or him. The numbers were essentially the same for Independent voters, a bloc Trump needs to win over in order to gain the presidency.

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