Elizabeth Warren Says Donald Trump Can’t Handle ‘Losing to a Girl’

August 10, 2016, 4:49 PM UTC
Sen. Elizabeth Warren
Photograph by Bill Clark—CQ-Roll Call,Inc.

The Twitter (TWTR) war between Elizabeth Warren and Donald Trump is heating up again.

On Tuesday evening, the Massachusetts senator tweeted that Trump “makes death threats because he’s a pathetic coward who can’t handle the fact that he’s losing to a girl.”

Warren is referring to the comment that the GOP nominee made at a rally in Wilmington, N.C., saying that it would be “a horrible day” for Second Amendment advocates if Clinton were to be elected president and given the opportunity to appoint a tie-breaking Supreme Court justice who favored stricter gun control measures. “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks,” Trump said, adding: “Although the Second Amendment people — maybe there is, I don’t know.”

Many have interpreted the billionaire’s comments as an incitement to take violent action against his Democratic opponent.

Warren went on to call Trump a “two-bit dictator,” and “not a man who wants to lead the greatest democracy on the planet.”

This dustup is just the latest installment in the Warren-Trump Twitter saga. The Senator often tweets about the Republican nominee’s policies, but isn’t shy about lobbing personal attacks. Last month, she called Trump a “thin-skinned moneygrubber” and a “lousy, cheating businessman.”

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