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Hillary Clinton to Make History at Democratic Convention on Thursday

Obama is joined by Clinton after his address.Mandel Ngan — AFP/Getty Images

After three days of talking about Hillary Clinton, the Democrats inside the Wells Fargo Center and those watching at home will finally get to hear from the woman herself on Thursday night, as she accepts the party’s nomination for President of the United States.

The theme for Thursday night is “Stronger Together,” which is likely meant to work in two ways: First, to say that the Democrats are stronger together when Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters coalesce around the party’s nominee. Second, as a way to subtly combat Donald Trump’s message, which is seen by many as divisive.

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Clinton will be introduced by her daughter Chelsea, mirroring Trump’s introduction by his daughter Ivanka last week in Cleveland. Chelsea will likely try to build on the job that her father, former president Bill Clinton, did on Tuesday of humanizing her mother.

Also on the schedule is retired Gen. John Allen, who will likely look to bolster Hillary’s national security credentials. There will also be several speeches from non-politicians, including a woman who took on her boss at a pizza restaurant when she realized she was being paid less than her male coworkers.

All of that will just be buildup, though, to Clinton’s speech — the first presidential acceptance address delivered by a woman.