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JetBlue May Soon Start Flying to Europe

Operations Inside The JetBlue Airways Corp. Terminal Ahead Of Earnings FiguresOperations Inside The JetBlue Airways Corp. Terminal Ahead Of Earnings Figures
A JetBlue plane.Photo by Patrick T. Fallon—Bloomberg via Getty Images

JetBlue has long been known as a domestic discount carrier, but it could soon start offering transatlantic flights.

The New York-based airline recently put in an order for new aircraft, specifically Airbus Group’s (AIRBUS-GROUP-N-V) single-aisle A321 planes. The Wall Street Journal reports that this new purchase gives the air carrier the “potential to consider markets in Europe.” If they’re configured with a different engine, additional fuel tanks, and heavier landing gear, they could be used for longer flights.

The new version of the A321 planes are expected to be offered by Airbus as of 2019. JetBlue (JBLU) has until late next year to decide whether or not to modify its order to include the heavier duty planes. Robin Hayes, the airline’s CEO, told the Journal that flights to Britain and Europe “suffer from the same lack of competition and high fares” as domestic flights, suggesting that this is something the company is seriously considering. JetBlue’s profits for the second quarter of this fiscal year climbed 18.5% as compared to 2015, reaching $180 million.

As was reported earlier this year, JetBlue will be expanding its Mint premium service. By 2017 the airline will offer as many as 70 premium flights each day with 13 destinations.